Stately Gardens - Committed fraud

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Stately Gardens, AKA Ben!

Do not deal with this person!

The company doesn't exist !

He sold us a (sub grade) Teak furniture set.

It's now falling apart!

I paid a cheque £850.00

My Husband, that evening then agreed to

A refund of £100.00

Ben collected a new cheque £750.00( I so gutted I don't get him to give us the refund ) and said to cancel the other. Because he kept changing the name on the cheque/ getting it wrong ( what we now know is that he's a tax dodger and the cheques were cleared in a name that wasn't on the cheque that I wrote, a Mrs Lee!

After several conversations and text about him re paying the £850.00 back he then vanished into thin air!

The teak furniture is falling apart ! I want a full refund and the furniture now taken away as it leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

We went to the address on the card he gave us.... The said they didn't know who Ben was even though the guys first name was Ben and the same surname as on my cleared cheque. I found another number for this address and the lady there just shouted abuse at me down the phone! ActionFraud and the police are now involved!

Review about: Garden Furniture.



I also had dealings with Ben stately gardens and couldn't be happier.

The furniture was great and the trees spectacular and very reasonable.

I was given some great advice by Ben on how to look after the trees and how to maintain the furniture.

Which he did stress was important in order to keep them as new.

2 years on and still like new.

Many thanks Ben

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